Getting around in the Netherlands

Depending on the country you are relocating to the Netherlands from you might have a different expectation of travel within the Netherlands.

Here are a few point to give you some background on what you can expect for your commute or travel in the Netherlands:

Travelling by train:

The Netherlands boasts a multitude of public transportation offerings for the public including trains, ferries, trams and busses. The public transport system in the Netherlands connects nearly every corner of the country and is known for being safe, reliable and on time. If you are considering commuting between cities or towns to your place of work you can visit the NS website to find out if there is an intercity train or sprinter running. If you would like to plan your commute from home to office you can use 9292 to see how you can travel by bus, tram or train.

Travelling by bike:

Cycling is the most popular form of travel in the Netherlands with millions of people travelling to work by bicycle each day. Thanks to the intricate network of bike lanes and a huge focus on ensuring cyclist’s safety on the roads cycling is an easy, safe and even enjoyable travel option. To plan your commute by bike you can use Maps, select cycling as your mode of transport and your route will be planned via cycling lanes. It is important to follow the rules of the road when cycling you can visit Holland 2 Stay for information on the rules, road signs and fines relevant to cyclists. A good insider tip would also be to have a look at the Buienradar app which provides hourly updates on expected rainfall and can help you keep dry for the most part.

By and large the Netherlands is safe, well connect and easy to navigate.