About FairPlay Engineering

FairPlay Engineering was founded by Pieter Knibbe in 2003. Pieter, an engineer himself, originally planned to start an engineering consultancy, but soon realized that finding the right people for technical positions in the Netherlands would have to happen first. His children, Niek, Denise, and Bas, joined him at the company as he started the search for the right people.

In the early years

In the early years, the company was based at a small home office, each candidate’s future success was a huge responsibility, and each happy placement was celebrated. As the company has grown, more team members have joined, we’ve moved into larger offices, and thousands of placements have been made, but a happy match between candidate and company still brings joy to our team. Dory Knibbe, Pieter’s wife and the company’s Chief Enthusiasm Officer, still stops by occasionally to make sure of this.

Over time

Over time, the search for the right candidates expanded beyond the borders of the Netherlands. Having experienced relocation themselves, the Knibbes were committed to making sure that candidates were supported during their relocation. This led us to found The Relocation Company.

Today FairPlay is made up of an experienced and growing team of specialists in international talent who bring equal parts insight and care to the work they do, all while staying true to the values of integrity and fairness for which FairPlay has come to be known.

Our vision

We strive to create an optimal match between candidate and company, so that both sides can bring out the best in each other. We do this in an honest fashion: no rush jobs, excessive fees,
or dissatisfying solutions.

Our team

Elisabeth Honig Recruitment Consultant
Nadine Aylward Recruitment Consultant
Robin van Rheenen Senior HR Administrator
Charmaine Drenth Senior HR Administrator
Simone Coetzee Recruitment Consultant
Simone Notenboom Recruitment Consultant
Denise Knibbe Managing Partner
Jan Holtman Senior Salary Administrator
Milja Prince Operations & Development Manager
Tim Langelaan Recruitment Manager
Lotte van Velzen Marketing
Hans Krop Sr. Recruitment Consultant
Marika Lazet HR Administrator
Oscar Sanchis Jr. Rcruitment Consultant
Ilena Roelofsen Sr. Recruitment Consultant
Joléne Matthysen Recruitment Consultant
Niek Knibbe Managing Partner
Suegnet Oberholster 360 Recruitment Consultant
Chris Uijtenhaak Application Manager AFAS
Samirah Davidson Finance Manager
Bas Knibbe Managing Partner
Franli Duvenage Recruitment Coordinator
Martyna Kumka Recruitment Consultant
Chanay Botha Marketing & Communications Manager
Esther Brummel Sr. Field Consultant
Charmaine Sequeira Sr. Recruitment Consultant
Nikita van der Kelen Finance Administrator
Nanda de Haas Sr. Finance Administrator
Marco Reemer Sales & Business Development Manager
Wendy Marck Office Manager
Pieter Knibbe Founder & Coach (Partner)