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As a true family business, we help each other out. We call that fair play and it is visible in the transparent and honest way we work. Are you ready to land your dream job? Then we happily welcome you to our family!

Whether you are looking for a career shift, a change of industry or an international challenge in the Netherlands, as an engineer you have plenty opportunities. But the high demand for people like you places high pressure on HR departments. It is difficult to access the large international companies. How do you remain top of mind when you know that inquiring after your application will only increase their workload?

By applying through us.

We are the preferred supplier for various international corporate organizations and are thus in direct contact with the hiring managers.

Working with Fairplay Engineering allows you to:

  • Apply for specific jobs instead of vague job opportunities.
  • Stay in contact with 1 consultant who oversees the whole process.
  • Trust that we have the technical know-how to make an assessment.
  • Trust that we can relocate you from anywhere in the world.

Are you ready to join our family?


From refinery to data center and from electrical engineer to project manager: we recruit in various sectors, for a wide range of positions. Browse through them below and feel free to contact us, if you have a question. We are looking forward to welcoming you as our latest family member!

Oil & gas, energy

Marine & offshore


Data center & facilities

Civil & infrastructure


Are you ready to join our family?


We gladly answer any question you might have about our recruitment services. Simply leave your message below and we will contact you soon.

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