Sr Warehouse Manager – De Meern


  • Execute a safe, controlled & efficient material receipt, location control and issue process, in line with the construction priorities and work procedures.
  • Set-up warehouse related communication, procedural and logistic structures with the client, home office, construction organization and contractors.
  • Able to report at any time during a project, the location of the supplied materials u/t issue of materials to contractors.
  • Pro-actively interface between construction and home office concerning materials required in relation to the project schedule.
  • Forecast and actively manage the warehouse staffing requirements.
  • Training/ mentoring of warehouse management potentials.
  • Leading the warehouse team, if so required as a cooperating foreman.
  • Development of a project/ program specific warehouse management plan (in line with the home office materials management plan and site/ client specific requirements
  • Support/ advise construction management realizing project warehouse facilities (if required)
  • Perform/ supervise commercial incoming goods inspections (including certificate check) according to procedures
  • Manage & register the formal hand-over points at receipt & at issue of materials
  • Supervise safe warehouse related horizontal and vertical movements
  • Supervise safe offloading of delivered materials & loading of issued materials
  • Perform/ supervise storage of the received materials in the most safe and suitable (lockable, fenced-off, conditioned) location
  • Set-up and chair material handling meetings with construction contractors
  • Perform/ supervise picking and issuance of free issue materials to subcontractors
  • Prepare for upcoming material deliveries, based on the material status reports
  • Actively participate in construction progress meetings and report on materials status (if requested)
  • Handle spare and left-over materials
  • MMS data/information interpretation and follow-up
  • Running safe and tidy and administered warehouse facilities under his/her supervision.
  • The quality of warehouse related movements data in MMS.
  • Maintaining of an auditable file of the formal hand-over documents at receipt & at issue of materials.
  • Assigning tasks to and leading of warehouse personnel under his/her supervision.
  • The actions of warehouse personnel, under his/her supervision.
  • Creating and maintaining a good working relation with the client, home office, construction organization and contractors.


  • EN/DIN material knowledge is required
  • Secondary (Technical) School + professional experience with supplementary general education.
  • HBO working level
  • Forklift certificate: national BMWT train certificate or a SSVV-recognized certificate
  • Basic Safety VCA (B-VCA)
  • Safety for Operational Managers (VCA VOL)
  • VVL-H (Verplaatsen van lasten met handhijsgereedschap)
  • or BVL (Begeleiden van Lasten) / Safe handling of loads
  • or AbvL (Aanslaan en Begeleiden van Lasten)
  • Good knowledge of active and passive English.
  • Able to communicate verbally and by email on HBO level
  • 2 – 5 years of experience in a similar supervising position in small and medium size or program related field construction projects or equivalent.
  • 2-5 years of experience in a similar supervising position in large size field construction projects or equivalent.
  • 2-5 years of experience in a similar supervising position in medium size field construction projects or equivalent.
  • Understanding of cycle of materials from cradle to grave in an EPC environment
  • Understanding of –to be received- materials including handling and storage precautions
  • Ability to operate & maintain the Materials Management system and/or experience with similar materials management systems
  • Good Oil & gas related material knowledge, especially pipe bulks & valves
  • Good average understanding of material short descriptions/ specifications.


Milja Prince +31 (0)23-5583723


Milja Prince +31 (0)23-5583723