Manager Material Control – Den Haag


For our office in The Hague, we are looking for a Materials Management specialist

General Purpose of Role

  • Manages and coordinates the distribution of materials for production. Performs analysis of materials and determines optimum control levels.
  • Facilitates the implementation of a suitable Materials Management application on the project and supporting tools in support of project Materials Management goals

Additional Technical Information

  • To oversee all activity on the project; ensure that all materials and equipment are defined, quantified and requisitioned in a timely manner in accordance with the project schedule and ensure the required services are provided to our customer and its clients.


Global Level Details

  • Operational managers utilizing in-depth knowledge, advanced problem-solving skills and an awareness of customer’s priorities to translate strategic direction into tactical plans and implementation activities.
  • Guided by functional practices, management precedents, and professional standards. Decisions are typically of a tactical variety.
  • Able to develop conclusions from analyses and apply results to customer’s business operations.
  • Decisions are typically based on extensive business acumen and seasoning.
  • Able to quickly grasp the use of Materials Management application and the implications for the upstream and downstream tools and if required specify required enhancements to achieve project success
  • Thorough understanding managing the data required in support of effective Materials Management.

Decision making

  • Makes independent decisions and sets priorities related to complex situations.
  • Manages smaller projects, or portions of larger projects.
  • Responsible for the daily administration of project related policies and processes in order for the project to meet business objectives.

Supervision Received

  • Works with self-initiated interaction with supervisor and self-initiated technical guidance. Influence over duties. Work is assigned only in terms of broad objectives to be accomplished, and is reviewed for policy, soundness of approach and general effectiveness. Work is reviewed to ensure conformity with policy and for coordination of other company departments.

Supervision Authority

  • Manages and directs work directly or through supervisors or professionals leading others.


  • Effectively communicate and take a leadership role in preparing and presenting proposals and reports to staff and management. Ability to persuade and influence others.


  • Advanced understanding of systems, processes and tools related to field. Able to assist others and troubleshoot issues. May be involved in the development of new systems, processes and tools.
  • 10+ years relevant experience including supervisory, project management and/or technical experience.
  • University Degree, or equivalent, in related field or applicable discipline, or equivalent relevant experience


Milja Prince +31 (0)23-5583723


Milja Prince +31 (0)23-5583723