Design HSE Consultant (Noise engineering) – Den Haag


We are looking for a Design HSE Consultant, with specialization related to Noise engineering.


Design HSE consultants are responsible for: Design HSE Management/ Regulatory Compliance/ Technical Safety/ Environmental Engineering/ Loss Prevention/ Human Factor Engineering/ Sustainability

  • Leadership skills in Design HSE with ability to handle complex multi-office projects.
  • Carrying the responsibility for the project success and providing strong direction for the team.
  • Plans and manages the work, managing the financial aspects of the discipline, including the man-hour estimates and margin goals. Ensures effective management of change.
  • Understanding of project business case and reflect this in the work environment such as productivity, schedule, workhour control, innovation etc.
  • Be involved in development and implementation of activities such as the latest technology and methods to improve efficiency, accuracy and productivity for the department.
  • Takes personal responsibility for safety and a healthy environment on the projects, and demonstrating this by example.
  • Can work as an efficient team with project management and other disciplines, both within Jacobs and that of the client.
  • Excellent communication and co-ordination skills (both verbal and written).

For the role Design HSE Consultant (Noise Engineering) significant technical experience and skills in the following areas:

  • Noise Philosophy
  • Noise Allocation Table
  • Modeling/ Reporting


  • Master’s or Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Chemical Engineering or in another relevant engineering discipline from an internationally accredited university;
  • Experience of Design HSE work in the (Petro-) chemical industry
  • Capable of working independently
  • In the possession of driver’s license
  • Familiar with Dutch, German and International rules and regulations related to Design HSE
  • English, Dutch and German language

The candidate must also have experience with:

  • Dutch, English language
  • Microsoft office tools


Niek Knibbe +31 (0)23-5583710


Niek Knibbe +31 (0)23-5583710